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IATAN has been exhibiting at theTravel Agent Forum for over 8 years now. We are excited to see the new faces of those entering the travel industry as well as those veterans seeking to establish new relationships. Great supplier and attendee mix.


The Travel Agent Forum is a great place to meet new agents joining the industry. I find the agents really wanting to learn from the suppliers and are looking to make long term business relationships.

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What I enjoyed about the Travel Agent Forum Las Vegas is that it provides numerous opportunities for suppliers and travel agents to interact, from round table meetings to one-on-one appointments and the traditional trade show format. Especially good this year was the event at Springs Preserve, where agents and suppliers enjoyed a lesser known Las Vegas attraction, while providing a further opportunity to mix and mingle. The Travel Agent Forum is a great industry event that strikes a balance between fun and learning!

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The Travel Agent Forum has always provided us with an excellent group of qualified travel professionals looking to improve their knowledge of the industry and to take the next step necessary to increase their business and their income. There are only a few opportunities a year to have exposure to so many travel professionals and we rate this show as one of the best!


Having attended almost all of the Travel Agent Forums over the years. I found this one to be one of the best ever. The quantity and quality of the attendees was outstanding. I was able to actually conduct business and close business. Thanks as always for a great show

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