Call for Speaker Submission

Would you like to be considered for a speaking opportunity at our upcoming show? If you have a presentation that would fit our Travel Agent audience and feel it would make a good fit, please fill out the Call for Speaker form and we will review your request.

(Please write a biographical narrative about your professional career, including information about your educational history, awards and honors received, and items you have authored that may be pertinent to this presentation and/or the home-base travel agent audience.)

(List the organizations where you’ve presented in the past, including the date, topic, and approximate audience size):

Individuals new to the industry who want to learn the fundamentals
Individuals knowledgeable about the industry who want more in-depth information
Industry veterans who want new, innovative ideas and concepts

(indicate five outcomes that attendees will derive by attending this session) "By attending this session the agents will learn to…."

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(Include contact name, email, phone number and company)